Si RJ. 

In Filipino, it could mean "this is RJ", "it's RJ", or "that's RJ".


Just another name in the www. Just another guy. Someone who grew up on Nifty. I think I found the site when I was around thirteen years old, googling for the next "true confession" to jack off to—yeah, I know, there was that point in time I believed those confessions were true lol! From there, I also found other sites for gay fiction—Gay Authors, CRV Boy, IOMfAtS, Awesome Dude, etc.—and suddenly, my universe expanded. 

I read everything I could click on—romance, coming of age, science fiction, fantasy, whodunnit—to the point that I, up to now, rarely bought published books. I do, though, buy books sometimes. Mostly, on impulse. Though, I have now resolved to just buy the ebook version of whatever it is I wanted to buy—books take up space apparently lol! 

But, whenever I look back on when my love affair with web novels started, it was really always that moment when I clicked on that Google search to Nifty. 

I mean, I've always loved reading, even as a child. Growing up in a Christian household, it was almost a requirement for me to read the Bible—because anything else is not allowed inside the house—and I did. Not all of it, but I found myself rereading some parts a couple of times. 

Among them, I've always loved the story of Elijah; that's the part I would always reread back then, especially when he rained fire on the false prophets. I liked Moses' story too. And Joseph's. I read those again and again for the simple reason that there was nothing else to read at home. The other parts, especially the New Testament, were pretty much meh—no offense. They were boring. So, whenever I was at my cousin's, I would always read her collection of fairy tales, which was this big book with illustrations, and by the time I entered highschool, I was borrowing my classmate's Goosebumps collection one by one.

I guess, the point of all these is that I love stories.

I love them so much that, maybe, it was inevitable that a few stories would come alive on their own inside my head lol! This site is the fruit of all that. And, not just the stories, but the graphics here are also made by me, including the book cover art for MVP.

I know I'm not that prolific; I could only wish. But, with every piece I wrote, I hope that readers will be able to pick up a thing or two.